Friday, January 4th, 2019


Association Rule Analysis for Criminal data

This is a SJSU course project.  We need to generate rule from Criminal data to see any criminal activity cause issue. The data It is got from the official website DataSf. The features It only has several useful features for the association rule generation. Those are Category, Descript, DayOfWeek, Data/Time, PDDistrict, Resolution and Address. Below is some sample data. The data Preprocess As some of the features in the above are similar, or not yet good higher extract, we should pre-process the data before we go into next algorithm step.Read More


VS 2017 C Sharp and PDF Generator

 VS 2017 C# with PDF generator In a real application system, most of time, you have to generate pdf for your users. For example, in the ERP, you may create invoice pdf and sales report pdf.  This tutorial will instruct you how to create a pdf with MVC framework in VS 2017 C# platform. I will illustrate on implementation from simple pdf to complex pdf Create the PDF generate Environment: Add the ITextSharp package into your project You have to install the iTextSharp-LGPL 4.1.6 version to avoid the license issue.Read More